what I can offer students

I welcome piano students of all ages and all levels from beginners to advanced levels, and I teach a wide range of piano styles that include both modern piano styles (jazz, blues, pop, contemporary, rock etc) and classical piano. Each student that learns with me is unique and has unique goals, and lessons are always tailored to suit their needs. 

Whether you are wanting to learn modern piano styles only, or only classical piano, or a mixture of styles lessons are designed to give students a clear and structured path so that they can reach their musical goals in the quickest possible time.

My expertise and main focus as a musician for that past 20 years is jazz and modern piano, however I also have many years of training and practise in classical piano as well. In fact my own daily piano practise always includes at least an hour of classical piano so I always encourage students to play at least some classical piano exercises to help them develop their piano technique.


My teaching approach varies for children and adult students and below is more information regarding how I design and structure these lessons. What is common to both child and adult lessons is an emphasis on developing a good foundation for effortless piano technique.

Lessons tailored for Children

I welcome young students from the age of 5 and up, and have had many years experience teaching tailored lessons to children that give students an excellent grounding in all aspects of piano including correct piano technique, note reading, ear training, music theory, improvisation and more. The most important aspect in teaching piano to children is to keep them engaged and interested in the lessons, and so I always structure the lessons to suit the needs and development of the student rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach. Some of my young students may struggle in certain areas initially, for example with reading music, so I focus more on developing their aural skills and memory and in time as they mature bring in more emphasis with reading again. Each student is different and matures in a unique way and lessons are designed accordingly.

lessons tailored for adults

Most of my adult students have very busy lives with many only limited time to commit to developing their piano skills so their piano lessons often need to be tailored in such a way that they can continue to develop their piano playing without having to spend hours and hours each day practising. I have had many years experience guiding adult students in developing their piano practise to fit in with all of their other committments, and in particular I have found that tailored practise videos help students develop much quicker, giving them ‘hands-on’ guidance with their home practise, particularly when learning new pieces. Regardless of which style/s of music adults students want to learn there is always an emphasis on develop a good piano technique without the need for practising hours and hours of scales to reach this goal.


30 minutes / $40
45 minutes / $60
60 minutes / $75